Scholarship Application

2024 Margaret R. Brewster Scholarship Application

Apply Here: 2024 Scholarship Application

To be eligible, an applicant must satisfy the following requirements as a minimum:

  1. Is a high school senior that lives or attends school in the Twin Tiers SWE Section.
        This is limited to the zip codes that begin 148**, 149**, or 169**, along with Bradford County, PA.
  2. Is enrolled in or accepted for enrollment in an undergraduate degree program in engineering or computer science at an ABET accredited, CSAB accredited, or SWE approved school.
  3. Is in a position to accept the scholarship in the school year for which it is being awarded.
  4. Is not receiving full funding (tuition and room & board) for education from another organization (e.g. members of the Armed Services attending US Military Academies, students receiving reimbursement from an employer).


  • The Society of Women Engineers Scholarship Program is open only to those who identify as a female.
  • No application materials will be returned; no exceptions will be made.
  • Do NOT submit photographs of yourself with the application.
  • Scholarship applications must be postmarked no later than March 22, 2024. Applications postmarked after this date will be immediately disqualified from judging with no further follow-up.
  • Scholarship recipients will be notified in mid-May.
  • Five (5) non-renewable scholarships worth $2000 each will be awarded.


To be accepted for judging, an applicant must submit ALL REQUIRED ITEMS IN ONE PACKAGE as listed below. All information must be provided in English. Incomplete applications or applications packages will be immediately disqualified from judging with no further follow-up.  Applications postmarked after the applicable deadline will be immediately disqualified from judging. with no further follow-up. Reference letters and transcripts may be submitted in individually sealed envelopes with the application package.

Items to be submitted:

  1. Application Form – Complete all items on page 1 of the application form.
  2. Statement of Activities, Honors, Leadership – On a separate 8.5×11 in. sheet of paper, LIST – not an essay – school and community activities, including the years in which you have participated. Identify leadership positions you have held. List any honors or awards you have received. List societies/organizations to which you belong and offices you have held.
  3. Professional Data – On the same or separate 8.5×11 in. sheet of paper, supply a brief resume of any work experience, including your duties, starting and terminating dates, salary and any other pertinent information. Briefly describe any research projects, design projects or design teams in which you have participated.
  4. Interests and Hobbies – On the same or separate 8.5×11 in. sheet of paper, briefly describe any special interests, hobbies, or sport and musical accomplishments that may not have been included under school activities.
  5. Transcripts – Provide official copies of all transcripts showing grades for the entire high school enrollment. Also, provide official copies of any college transcripts for courses you have taken outside of the normal high school curriculum (not captured on high school transcript).
  6. Letters of Reference – Applicants must submit TWO letters, preferably typewritten: a) one from a high school teacher and b) one from a person who has known the applicant for two or more years and who is not a relative or member of the applicant’s family.
  7. Applicant’s Statement – An essay written by the applicant, NO MORE THAN ONE SINGLE-SIDED, DOUBLESPACED TYPEWRITTEN PAGE, telling a) why she would like to be an engineer or computer scientist and/or b) telling how she believes she will make a difference as an engineer or computer scientist and/or c) telling what influenced her to study engineering or computer science.
  8. Statement of Acceptance (if available)- Applicants must submit a statement or letter from an accredited college or university indicating acceptance for entry into the engineering or computer science curriculum for the coming academic year. If the applicant has not yet received a letter of acceptance, it is not required for the initial application. In the event that the applicant is selected to receive a SWE scholarship, a statement of enrollment in an approved program will be required before the scholarship will be awarded.

All of the above items must be mailed in ONE ENVELOPE OR PACKAGE postmarked on or before March 22, 2024.

Mail to: 
P.O. Box 798
Corning, NY 14830